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All prices listed are starting prices

All service packages include: nail trim/grind, pad shave with balm, ear cleaning/plucking, teeth brushing and dental spray, potty path shave, brushout, cologne spritz, and a groovy accessory.

Flower Power Bath

The Flower Power Bath is a professionally curated luxury bath package tailored to meet the needs of your dog’s ears, skin, teeth, nails, and coat.

XS 0-15lbs $65+   S 16-30lbs $80+         M 31-45lbs $95+

L 46-60lbs $110+         XL 61-75lbs $125+          XXL 76-100lbs $140+

Cut the Shag

Cut the Shag is a professionally curated haircut and luxury bath package tailored to meet the needs of your dog’s ears, skin, teeth, nails, and coat. 

 XS 0-15lbs $85+     S 16-30lbs $110+         M 31-45lbs $135+

L 46-60lbs $160+         XL 61-75lbs $185+         XXL 76-100lbs $200+

Add ons:

Purchase of Flower Power Bath or Cut the Shag service package is required.

The Chill Dog +$5

Add Mint or Lavender to your bath/treatment for a calming scent and cool sensation to soothe skin, muscles, and anxious dogs. 

Ya Dig? Nails +$8

Add on for shorter, smooth nails with the option of polish!  +$6 for Polish

A Hair-Doo and a Half 

This add-on is required for long kept hair, thick hair, and heavy double coats as well as specialty cuts. Extra time is needed due to the coat/hair type of your pet. Includes: additional bathing, drying, styling time, ect.

XS/S 0-31lbs $20 M/L 31-60lbs $30                 XL/XXL 61-100lbs $40 

Cracked Pad/Nose Spa Treatment +$16

Dry, Cracked Paws, Active Outdoor Dogs. Our cracked pad and nose treatment will leave your pup's paws feeling smooth and soothed with our exfoliation bath and sealing balm. 

Deshedding Spa Treatment +$20

Shedding, Matting, Dry Skin/Coats. Our Deshedding Treatment loosens and removes unwanted undercoat fur to allow ventilation and body temperature regulation 

Clarifying Charcoal Spa Treatment +$20

Dry Skin/Coats, Shedding, Dirty Dogs. Our Clarifying Charcoal Treatment exfoliates dead skin and impurities while conditioning the skin and coat. 

Deep Conditioning Spa Treatment +$20

Dry Skin/Coat, Matting, Shedding. Our Deep Conditioning Treatment is an intense repair process for dry skin and coats, restoring moisture to reduce itching, shedding, matting and more. 

Hot Oil Spa Treatment +$20

Allergies, Dry Skin/Coat, Muscle Fatigue, Sun Protection. Our Hot Oil Treatment restores oils, repairs damaged skin and coats, soothes muscles, and seals hair shafts to provide everlasting protection to the skin and hair. 

Baths Included with Service Package Purchase


Revives dry skin with a banana-nutrient formula adding strength and moisture to improve manageability.


Creates depth and brightens dull coats by neutralizing unwanted color tones and restoring damage.


Extra soft formula that gently exfoliates, hydrates, and soothes allergy prone or sensitive skin.

About Us

Groovy Grooms is a self-sufficient mobile grooming salon servicing Jefferson County, Colorado providing convenient service at your home. The one-on-one interaction creates a calm and focused environment allowing a bond to build between your pet and your Groomer. 

All packages are built based on the needs of your pet, determined during the consultation. Using high quality ingredients, all services are included to ensure your pet is receiving a premium spa day, keeping their skin, coat, ears, and nails healthy. 

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